Discover Your Life’s Work Program


“After 21 hard working and successful professional years of work, your Life’s Work Program has given me the reason, the energy and the tools to know my life’s real work. It was the best career investment I have ever made and I sincerely recommend it to everyone!”
Jim Cangen

“This course, for the first time in my adult life, gave me the ability to know and love myself. I’ve learned that I can do what I want to do and that there’s a process that I can go through to reach my goals. It put me in charge of my life.”
Michael Peoples

“Well worth the time and money! The Program helped me to get clear on my purpose and to recognize the barriers that were getting in the way of moving me forward. Some programs are like warm showers that feel good, but after a short time, the feeling goes away. The Discover Your Life’s Work Program has real substance.”
Maryanne Goodman

“The Discover Your Life’s Work Program helped me to attain my goal of getting clear on a career path and steps to take to reach it. What I didn’t expect was that the teachings transferred over and helped my personal life tremendously. I am no longer a selfish, unachieved lost loner. I am now more compassionate and caring and now enjoy working in groups and love contributing to others. Some of the techniques have great power in unlocking the ‘true you’ in your life. I highly recommend this program.”
Dave Likes

“I took your course because at 45, I found myself very dissatisfied with my job. I felt I had no options except to stay until retirement at age 50. Although five more years felt like an eternity, I reasoned that if I began preparing now for another career, I’d have the ability to step into it at retirement. Only trouble was I didn’t have a clue as to what this newfound career would be. After I completed one of the exercises, it was as if a switch was turned on and I was suddenly filled with a bright light, a beacon, guiding me to my dreams. I am now “successfully” engaged in my life’s work and loving it. Does that mean that I never have doubts or that I don’t procrastinate? Of course not. But my beacon is strong and there are many more days I stay on course than not. Doc alone has done more to influence the direction of my life than any other person on earth!”
Patricia Hunsucker

“The Discover Your Life’s Work Program has been one of the most meaningful experiences in my life. What I experienced is a continual growth, expanding beyond my old self-imposed limits. One example is how I learned to view fear in a positive light that gave me the courage to live my life on a grander scale, exploring my dreams and being true to myself. This Program has given me the tools I need to live my life in a more meaningful way. I grew more during this time than any other time in my life.”
Tim Talbert

“I am amazed at the personal growth I’ve experienced in only six sessions.”
Joan Virga

“I feel more alive than I have in years.”

“Thank you so very, very much for helping me to focus on my goals! Because you redefined a little word “strength” for me, it has changed my life so much, that I felt the need to express how really grateful I am. I’ll never forget the tremendous amount of effect you’ve been in my life.”
Gilda Coleman

“Guess what? I landed a job as a litigation review assistant. I am so happy I decided to make the change in my life. I start my new job today. Thank you.”
Mary Mansom

“I can’t thank you enough for your help. When you said that being displaced from your job is a good thing as it enables you to move into what you really want to be doing, it was so true. It has proven to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I am now taking positive steps towards what I really want to be doing in the field of geriatrics. Thanks again.”
Grace Remele

“I wanted to let you know that you are appreciated as a teacher. The creative and unique way that you teach expresses your love for teaching and for people.”
Paula McGinair

“I want you to know the impact you have had on my life. At the time, I was in fairly poor shape in my life. Just enrolling in the Program was a huge step for me. But it was the beginning for putting my life back together after divorce. Over several months, I made decisions about myself I had put off for a long time. I reexamined my values and goals. With the guidance from your classes and listening to your tapes, I was able to reach into myself to find my passions – for work and life! I decided to return to the teaching profession I had left nearly 20 years earlier. I found that I truly love teaching and am actively employed as a teacher in a nearby school district. I have now met many immediate goals and am working on some long term goals. I will never forget you. Thank you for being there when I was seeking my direction. Although the workshops are large groups, you touched one person with great intimacy.”
Judith Lipshutz

“The Discover Your Life’s Work Program has helped me regain a sense of excitement about a career and to find within myself work that will be joyful and fulfilling. It has helped my outlook in all areas of my life.”
Dale Heuermann

“Thank you for the wonderful changes you’ve helped me to make in my life. Your program has been a miracle to me.”

“The Life’s Work Program was definitely thought provoking and offered more than I could possibly have imagined. Things started happening quickly! I now know my talents and interests and have made significant steps towards living my dreams. Thank you Doc for allowing me to see my capabilities, skills, interests, and knowing I can do it!”
Elena Layland

“I gained the motivation, enthusiasm, faith, support and confidence to forge ahead with my own business instead of giving up and taking a dissatisfying job for another firm. This has changed my life to a very hopeful, positive, exciting belief in myself.”

“I am so happy I decided to make changes in my life and take your seminar. I start my new job on September 12th! Thank you.”

“I’ll never forget the tremendous amount of effect you’ve been in my life for such a short time. Thank you so very, very much for helping me to focus on my goals. Because you redefined a little word Ostrength’ for me, it has changed my life so much, that I felt a need to express how really grateful I am.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your time and help. I am now able to see things with a clarity unknown and yet somehow known to me. Again thank you for everyting.”
Blessings, Sister Maria
“Thank you for conducting your Discover Your Life’s Program. You were absolutely wonderful. I heard nothing but positive remarks about your seminar and from what I could gather, you inspired many women to get off the dime and do something with their careers. You obviously have enormous knowledge of your subject and imparted that knowledge in an interesting and lively way. From all of us at the American Association of University Women, THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!
Skip Pedigo

“Thank you for taking time to give your presentation to the JTPA youth. The week was very successful. Your contribution was enjoyed by all and will assist these individuals in their future endeavors toward employment.”
Mary Lou Bentjen, NOC Regional Occupational Program

Reviews from participants regarding Discover Your Life’s Work Program presented to AT&T staff:

  • “Mr. Roberts is truly a tribute to his profession.”
  • “I have a new awareness of personal and career goals because of the information I received. I found the instructor humorous and personable. I’m looking forward to achieving my occupational goals immediately!”
  • “This course has taught me to be more open minded and less restrictive in regards to career opportunities for myself. Not to be afraid but to dream BIG.”
  • “The teacher inspired enthusiasm from a group of people that were complacent about their lives and jobs.”
  • “I strongly recommend this class. It makes you aware of your true career and personal potential.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. It helped me realize I could do what I want to in my life and the exercises
  • “The seminar confirmed my strengths and also confirmed that I am in the wrong job. It gave me the skills to feel confident that I can attain a new career in a field that would better suit me.”
  • “I really enjoyed the seminar. It was very informative and realistic.”
  • “I understand much more about realizing my goals and not to be satisfied with the status quo. I wish I had this seminar sooner, although it is not too late.”
  • “This seminar woke me up. I found I had become stagnant with no ambition. This program helped me to wake up to new career avenues that are out there.”
  • “This class put everything into proper perspective. I am now moving in a clearer direction.”
  • “I feel that everyone should have access to this seminar, especially in the early High School years. It could help shape so many lives. It has definitely given me a bit “boot in the bottom” which I truly needed.”
  • “I loved the seminar.”
  • “I loved every minute of it. It has opened my eyes to other areas I wasn’t sure existed. I’ve told my friends they have to take it. Thank you.”
  • “Mr. Roberts has a wonderful way of explaining complex thoughts and ideas clearly. He is quite perceptive of people’s needs and inner motivations.”
  • “Mr. Roberts is a really intelligent and committed individual to the growth of his students. He made us open our minds to greater possibilities.”
  • “This program was well thought out. He really makes you think past old boundaries and limitations.”
  • “Doc Roberts came to our organization to teach us many things. One of these was to help us to make career decisions and to learn about ourselves. I feel he accomplished this and much more. Many employees made actual firm decisions about where their strengths and weaknesses lay and then went on to choose a lifetime goal or career. Those that didn’t, however, did not leave empty handed. They also learned their strengths and weaknesses but also that they could still fulfill their dreams. This realization alone is immeasurable. I feel that Doc has great insight and understanding of people.. He also has the wisdom to guide people in the right directions.”

Raquel Guzman, Human Resources Development Supervisor, AT&T

“The Life’s Work Program has been challenging and enlightening. I had been in a rut, but now I have been enlightened to the fact that I had put my life on hold for too long. I have now completed the seminar but I plan to not stop now. The spirit which it was offered lives within me now.”Richard Currie, Operator, AT&T

“I’m really glad I attended your seminar. You did a great job. I am already happy with the progress I have made.”
Ross Grotbeck“This course helped me to challenge myself and get started on my life’s work.”
Jan Collins

“I loved this class – the best ever. It has definitely changed my life for the good.”
Katherine Reed-Maring

“From my matriarchal position in my mid-seventies, I tell you to pay close attention to your list of dreams. In looking at my own list which dates from when I was four or five to today, I see a strong common theme. If I had made such a list years ago, I would have known to what area I should devote my life. I tell you, “Don’t wait”!. Nurture your dreams now. If you don’t, suddenly, it is fifty years later. The sooner you pursue your dreams, the longer you have to enjoy personal fulfillment. I can tell you the satisfaction is immense.”
Jean Dahnke

Testimonials from the Course taught at Colorado University at Boulder:

“This class is excellent. I feel I have been enriched and my life has changed due to what I relearned about myself.”

“Doc is clearly doing what he loves. He communicated the importance of this message so well that the effort at finding what one loves is a benefit to society as a whole.”

“Doc is an inspiration. I highly recommend taking Discover Your Life’s Work to everyone I know because life is just too short not to be happy.”

“I believe Doc is doing what he loves. It shows in his classroom passion and presentation.”

“Doc is a great guide and can really assist you in making things clear.”

“I would like to express my feelings about the Discover Your Life’s Work Program by Doc Roberts. When the class first started I was unsure of the direction I was heading, but this program opened doors that I had never even thought of. I felt that this course was a real asset to rebuilding morale within our company. It was great to feel energized about my goals again.”
Mary Jane Von Brennin

“This course really helped me to pull together some of the ideas I have had over the years and focus them into a clear sense of direction. It also helped me to really get moving in making my dreams a reality. It was a great seminar and I highly recommend it to anyone.”
Esma Duplantier

“I love the Discover Your Life’s Work Program! It helped me to get out of my shell and to not isolate myself. When I declared my purpose, it felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend it to everyone.”
Loretta Fischer-Herrin

“It helped me to get over my fear! I am able now to acknowledge my negative voices, but go on to do what I want to do.”
Alisa Hankus

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