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Richard L. Roberts, PhD.

Vocational Guide & Intuitive


Doing work that brings you joy is the only path to being financially successful in life.

This is your birthright, your rightful destiny. Your destiny is not to remain stuck in some dead end job. Anything less than doing what you truly love for a living is a total waste of your time and life.

You were born for something greater.

Your real work in this life is to be all you can possibly be, to express your true nature, to allow your greatest talents to blossom. Your calling (vocation, life’s work, soul’s purpose, dharma, right livelihood) guides the way to realizing your highest potential.

You have unique gifts to share with the world. What’s more, the world needs your special contribution.

Passion is what it is really about, being in a career you are passionate about. This is the work that will move you into realizing your true possibilities in your life and allow you to make money doing what brings you joy.

This is the only path to being the person you were born to be. Never forget that you are here to speak your deepest truth. Anything else is simply selling out.

Right now is the time to embrace your destiny.

To resist your destiny, your creative power, can only lead to disappointment, failing health and dis-ease, increasing fatigue, greater confusion and depression.

Now is your time to set things straight. Break the old habits, old inner conversations and outdated mindsets. Your health, your very life, depends on you making this choice.

Why not do work that energizes you and ignites your joy? This training manual will get you on track.

Feel healthier and more alive.

How long do you think you can resist your own destiny? To resist doing what brings you joy for a living has its consequences.

Symptoms such as fatigue, neck and back pain, stomach/intestinal problems, poor sleep and frequent headaches are among the common complaints of those who are in jobs they dislike.

Think about it. If you continue to resist your deepest passion, your creative energies and powers will remain divided and these opposing forces will continually be at battle within your psyche and physical body.Eventually something must give.

Deep within, you know the truth of who you are.

You are capable of so much more. Yet, if you are like most people, you may find your truth covered over with feelings like something is missing, or continual anxiety over your career choices, or an ongoing questioning of what you are doing with your life.

Perhaps you really believe that you have a purpose, but just don’t know what it is. Or perhaps you just don’t believe it is possible to make this type of change.

Your truth has gotten buried by years of counter-conditioning radically opposed to your personal evolution.

This program will help you to get past these habitual self-limiting habits that block awareness of your true calling, talents and the work that will fulfill you.

Work consumes as much as a third of your life!

Add to this commuting time, the time you think or complain about your job, getting ready for work and then unwinding when you get home. If you are not really happy in your work, what kind of life have you created for yourself?

What kind of a life is it to live beneath your potential, block the expression of your greatest talents, and resist your own joy and greater prosperity?

Are you among the majority who are literally boring themselves to death?

Most people simply exist day to day, with perhaps a vague hope that one day they might finally escape the rut they’re in. Is this you? Do you continue to work at jobs that do not match your needs and best talents?

This is not really living, to sacrifice a third of your life doing that which you dislike, or even hate.You were not meant to live a tedious existence, to work doing things you don’t really care that much about.

Why does it seem so difficult to know your calling or life purpose?

Because there are powerful forces that block you from knowing your calling and your life’s work. You were not taught to live your dreams or to actualize your true potential. You received no real guidance in school and certainly not after you graduated.

While young, you may still have believed it was possible to live your dreams, only to watch them fade away as you grew older.

The harsh reality is that all of us have been bred to fill slots, to work hard and ride that corporate ladder to “success”. We are taught to measure success by the amount of possessions we accumulate and not by how much joy we experience and how much of our inner creative intelligence we express.

Society discourages you from engaging your true destiny.

You learned, as we all did, at an early age, to stop dreaming and be “responsible”. Risk taking was to be avoided. While it may seem it is your free will that determines your destiny, upon critical inspection, you are simply following the path that has been laid out for you.

Current estimates say 95% of our population is unhappy with what they do for a living.

In other words, being unhappy in your job is considered normal! Most people choose to stay in dead end jobs, going to work just to earn a paycheck. They simply don’t know another way to live.

Deep down, however, in every person, there is a knowing, a certain feeling or intuition, that something more yearns for expression. Something magnificent begs to be awakened.

Most people don’t really know what brings them joy or what their real talents are.

It is not surprising given the total lack of attention to this critical need in our educational system. We have few role models who can point the way. Most of our life choices are preprogrammed by our culture, which tend to lead us astray from what matters most to us.

‘Living your dreams’ is but words and rarely has any substance for most people. There has been no road map to discover your life’s work and realize what you are truly capable of.

That is, until now! Introducing: Discover Your Life’s Work Training Manual

This Program has been my life’s work for more than 30 years having worked with 10’s of 1000’s of clients. This course was designed for one purpose: to guide you in discovering your life’s work and aligning with the powerful creative forces within you to fulfill that calling and live to your fullest life potential.

Through specialized vocational assessments (utilized for this purpose) and unique time-tested exercises, you will learn to:

  • Discover and fulfill your unique life purpose and translate that into a realistic career path – your life’s work;
  • Uncover your often hidden talents aligned with your deeper calling;
  • Clarify your true motivations/passions;
  • Examine the full range of vocational possibilities and choose the best one;
  • Make money doing what you love in today’s market by finding your unique niche;
  • Allow your true destiny to unfold;
  • Break free of the “earning a living rut” and start making the difference only you can make now;
  • Overcome blocks such as “no money” and “no time”;
  • Live from your authentic self, actualizing your true potential and becoming the person you were born to be.
  • Experience the tremendous freedom and joyful aliveness that your calling leads you to.
  • Manifest your very special contribution and make a difference with your life.

This course manual has been proven over and over again to work for individuals, just like you.

Discover Your Life’s Work
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Why wouldn’t it work – your true vocation is calling to you and you just need to learn how to read the signals. This program will help you listen, explore, discover, attune to and tap your creative talents and life’s work.

The course materials will guide you in the simple, yet extremely powerful, process of opening doors to doing what you love for a living in today’s marketplace. You will then be shown how to be successful by living to your true potential and living on the leading edge of creative expression.

It is you who must choose the path of aliveness, living in the full possibility of who you are and doing what ignites passion and enthusiasm in your life!

The choice you are making is to have your life count for something, to take a stand on that which most matters to you, to express your magnificence in service to yourself and others.

You are choosing, by purchasing and working through this self-guided program to live in joy and abundance.

Your very life depends on this breakthrough!

I don’t say that lightly. Living life while denying your true power, your deepest joy, your very being, will only cause continued mental, physical and spiritual dis-ease. You can only deny your essence for so long.

Not doing this now is to continue to condition yourself to do the same old things, be stuck in the same conditioned thought and behavior patterns and live beneath your potential. What you practice gets stronger.

Studies of self-actualizing or fully functioning individuals (those individuals who are living to their greater human potential than the average) throughout history reveal that they know the secret to creating their destiny.

The common characteristic shared by these very unique individuals is that they know and are actively expressing their life’s work.

Studies of fully functioning or self-actualizing individuals reveal over and over again that to live fully, to live the magnificent life and to realize your incredible creative potential is to address the issue of work and therefore calling.

Why am I here? What do I really want to do with my life? What really matters to me? These are the answers you must be seeking if you are to be happy in life.

To continue avoiding embarking on this adventure is to choose to live in denial of your own greatness.

You will only continue to remain stuck in the endless daily distractions that occupy almost every moment of our lives. To resist this greatest of adventures, the most holy of quests, is to lose touch with that which is most precious, your very spirit.

To deny that which you truly are capable of, that calls to you is to deny your very soul.

Quite frankly, to not discover and walk the path of your life’s work is instead choosing to live a lie, to squander your precious gifts and throw your life away.

My name is Dr. Richard L. Roberts and I have been teaching this course for the majority of my life.

At an early age, I discovered through extensive personal exploration that I had a unique talent for seeing the true capabilities of an individual as well as the path for them to realize their full success potential.

I later realized that the quickest path to becoming a fully functioning individual is to align with your higher calling and engage your life’s work.

I discovered that I had a talent for guiding individuals in realizing their greater creative potential and identifying their best talents and the work that would allow them to be successful doing what they love for a living.

I received a Master’s Degree in Vocational Counseling and a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Human Potential.

I vowed to acquire as much knowledge as I possibly to learn effective techniques for assisting individuals in making life-transforming, self-actualizing career changes.

I not only learned everything available about traditional methods of career counseling, including administering and interpreting over 200 of the most popular vocational tests. I also applied what I learned in working with 1000’s and 1000’s of individuals in private sessions as well as in groups while developing more effective technologies for really facilitating individuals through personal breakthroughs and vocational awakening.

But formal training was not enough.

As the process evolved, I began to discover shortcuts, powerful ways of breaking people through to clarity, techniques that worked over and over again to help people break through to clarity. These processes were more in-depth, revealing the truth within.

You see, I didn’t always know what I wanted to do for a living.

In fact spent a significant portion of my younger years searching. I knew one thing – I did not want to end up like so many adults I saw going to jobs that made them unhappy. So I went on a search to find out my true calling and life’s work.

I now know what it takes to truly guide someone in the discovery of their life’s work.

I now how to guide you in unfolding your creative potential and how to make a difference with your life while enjoying greater prosperity in the process.

It was my personal quest as well as my formal training and experience with thousands of individuals that has polished this process to the point where it consistently works again and again for anyone.

I have taught this program to employees of many of the fortune 500 companies.

I have taught advanced job search strategies to terminated employees, assisting them in finding work that is more meaningful and fulfilling. I have established career assessment centers and trained career counselors in my methods.

It isn’t enough to know what you want to really be doing to earn a living.

You must also know the secrets for creating that work so you can not only make a difference with your time on earth, but also earn a good living at the same time.

Yes you can make money doing what you love. In fact, you can be more successful doing what you love than going to a job that stifles your joy and creative talents.

If you have been wondering what you want to be when you grow up, isn’t it time to find out?

It is time to be the person you were born to be.

I personally guarantee that this program works as I have seen it work for many, many others. If you complete the exercises in this workbook and still find it hasn’t provided you with any insights into what you are here to do, you will receive a full refund of your purchase price. I extend my guarantee for a full 90 days from the purchase date.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Choose from ebook or printed hard copy:

Discover Your Life’s Work
Ebook – Instant Download!

Printed hard copy manual in binder w/ Free Shipping

Not sure that this course is right for you?
Consider this:

To not commit to doing what you love and not follow your higher calling, is to continue to compromise who you are, to squander your true talents, to continue living within the very limited circle of the familiar and settling for superficial contentment.

The consequences of resisting your higher calling are stagnation, mediocrity, poor health and wasting your incredible potential.

Are you concerned this course may not work for you?

Perhaps you have tried other things and they didn’t work. Understandable. I know what is out there. However, I am so confident that this will work for you, given a true effort on your part to do the work, that I offer a “No Questions Asked” 90 day money back guarantee.

Discover Your Life’s Work comes with a full 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

If this program does not propel you forward into transforming your career, and moving you into doing what you truly love for a living, I will refund your money. Simple.

So what do you have to lose?

This program has worked for thousands of others, and it will work for you.

What I ask from you is that you take the time to embrace the knowledge and complete the exercises in this course. Give it an honest effort because you are worth it.

Who do you want to be and what do you want to do when you grow up?

We’ve all been taught that pursuing our dreams requires sacrifice, usually ends in poverty and loss of security. We were taught that growing up means giving up our dreams and putting our nose to the grindstone. We are led to believe that it is impossible to do what we love for a living.

Most people are afraid to consider doing what they love. Yet the real secret is that pursing your life’s work means actually living a life of greater simplicity, lightness of being, prosperity and the joy that comes from following your bliss.

This is your birthright.

Make now your time to discover your life’s work and fulfill your deeper calling.

You have been seeking this realization in many ways throughout your life. Now it is time to do that which you were born to do, to become the person you are capable of becoming, to engage in the fullest expression of your greatest (but often hidden) talents.

It is time for you to achieve the success and prosperity you deserve, working at that which brings joy to your heart.

Discover Your Life’s Work is a must if you want to do what you love for a living.

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This transformation is a must if you want to be happy!

It is absolutely a must if you want to explore and realize your true potential in this life and fulfill your destiny.


Richard L. Roberts, PhD.

Vocational Guide & Intuitive

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