Career Testing Do-it-yourself Package

Career Testing Do-It-Yourself Package – Version: College Students/Adults

Developed by

Richard L. Roberts, PhD.

Vocational Guide & Intuitive

This assessment package was specifically formulated for those who prefer to get a comprehensive self-discovery package that is self-guided as well as self-administered, scored and interpreted. Package includes specific information for choosing career options matched to interests, aptitudes, personal motivations, personality type and vocational type. Special guidelines are included to assist in conducting the right career and living to your full potential.

The Career Testing Program for College Students/Adults consists of the following areas of in-depth assessment:

Interest Assessment – measures your true interests, targets specific career paths in 14 career categories as well as identifies specific majors and training programs essential to a career change.
Aptitude Assessment – identifies natural strengths and aptitudes. Measures your best abilities on 8 primary dimensions. These aptitudes are then equated to specific career fields and interests. This is self-timed.
Personality Type Identification – determines your true personality type (in one of 16 possible dimensions) and examines career choices in the light of this information. This is essential for matching career choices to your personality type.
Vocational Satisfaction Indicators – identifies critical career priorities necessary to career satisfaction as well as prioritizing personal primary motivations.
Vocational Type Assessment – determines your true Vocational Type, an essential factor when making career decisions. This assessment identified not only your Type, but the work environments and specific careers that would suit you best.
Career Decision-Making Guidance Report – experienced guidance to make a confident and educated career decisions that matches your interests, abilities and personality.
Self-Actualization: How to Live to Your Full Potential – a special research report that reveals the successful habits of individuals who are dong what they love for a living and living to their full potential.
Resources to Obtain the Right Occupational Information – special forms to locate and examine current career information resources as well as gaining the right information in advance regarding potential careers and majors, to know what they will be like before you waste any time pursuing dead ends.

Consider the cost of private career counseling these days, that is if you can find someone good. Taking a career assessment package costs typically between $500 and $900. I have conducted 1000’s of these private career guidance sessions and what I have developed is an assessment package that will allow you to explore your career options, get the right information about yourself and the near future labor market and find your niche on your own. Ultimately, this packet will assist you to identify what you truly love doing for a living and realize your true creative potential in the process.

While I encourage inquiries into whether this Career Testing Program is right for you, please note that the price does not include follow-up or ongoing career guidance. This assessment package is intended to be self-administered and self interpreted. Specific guidelines have been developed to do this and are included in the package. This package will guide you in this vital self-discovery process to reveal your greatest talents and be paid to do what you love and are most successful at.

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