Are You Seeking Your True Vocation?

 You were born with a noble Purpose. Your purpose continually calls to you. This is the Work you were born to do. This is your true destiny.

As you discover and align with your True Vocation, you will experience the greater success and sheer joy that comes with becoming the person you were born to be. You will emerge into your true potential.

Refined through 30 years of individual work and research with 10’s of 1000’s of individuals, this program is a time-tested, powerful program of vocational transformation. This process will guide you to:

  • Awaken your soul’s purpose.
  • Express your greatest (often hidden) talents.
  • Clarify your real motivations and deeper passions.
  • Experience the freedom and ecstatic joy that only your calling can arouse within you.
  • Reveal all of your vocational possibilities matched to your higher purpose, including making money on the internet.
  • Prosper doing what you love in today’s marketplace.
  • Break free of the “earning a living rut” and make the difference only you can make.
  • Live from your Authentic Self, express your true magnificence and claim the career success that awaits you.


Join me, and the growing numbers of those who are living lives of joy, ever-growing prosperity and the actualization of their greater potential. Explore the contents of this website, find the particular services that speak to you and awaken.

Richard L. Roberts, PhD.

Vocational Guide and Intuitive

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